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Follow the H2O: The Lake that Disappeared

Janji Field Team athlete Polo Pavez headed down to Laguna Aculeo, once one of Chile's largest natural bodies of water, to run on the now-dry lakebed, exploring how it got this bad and pondering what can be done to prevent the same fate for other natural resources.

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Janji x Arwin

Using a traditional Batik technique, artist Arwin Hidayat created a print filled with ancient sea creatures. We talked with him about his inspirations and what Batik means to him.

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A Janji short film featuring Christian Gering, Sienna Prillaman, Diego Medina, Dustin Quinn Martin, Charelle Brown, Jessica Wu, and Justin Ray (aka 13 Pieces).

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This ain’t no Bop-It, but it’s just as fun. Introducing our latest piece of outerwear and essential protective layer — the ultralight and ultra-deployable Zephyr Runner.

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Discover the Rainrunner

Waterproof layers do not often equate to running comfort when you're hot and sweaty. We strategically designed our Rainrunner Pack Jacket to solve for this by integrating 360º venting around your core, where you need it most.

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Simply put, fastpacking is the merger between ultrarunning and lightweight backpacking. It's a niche sport that has garnered much attention over the last decade in response to athletes' desire to go longer, faster, and lighter - especially in the form of Fastest Known Time speed records.

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Finding water is not something you can rely on when adventuring in the desert. Although water sources, like Lake Powell, may be visible, they are often not possible to access. On this trip, Morgan water caches...

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