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Collection One-liners

MT16A/WT16A/cling-free, ultra fast-drying, sun-protective between-seasons comfort;

UG02A/Lightweight tactile glove with hi-vis reflectivity, designed for 32~50F;

MS10B/2-in-1 style short with multi-sport versatility, zip pockets + boxer brief liner;

MS11A/trail-ready split short with perforated venting + all-around pockets;

WS12A/Moisture-wicking stretch nylon short with light compression + tons of pocketing;

MT14A/MT15A/WT14A/WT15A/cling-free, ultra fast-drying comfort for the warmest conditions;

WS11A/trail-ready split short with perforated venting + all-around pockets;

WU03A/medium-to-high support bra with anti-motion lockdown + a phone pocket;

MS09A/2-in-1 short with performance compression brief liner, perforated venting + 7 pockets;

UH10A/ UH20A/super soft, moisture-wicking cold weather coverage, lightweight warmth;

UH31A/Performance fleece gaiter for cold weather warmth, wind + rain resistant;

MO08A/Lightweight insulated warmth + weather protection in an ultra-packable jacket;

WO08A/Lightweight insulated warmth + weather protection in an ultra-packable jacket;

MT11A/WT13A/Lightweight, thermoregulating + odor-resistant do-it-all layer;

MT12A/WT12A/Ultra-tough thermoregulating + odor resistant standalone or base layer;

MM03A/WM03A/super cozy midlayer for warmth without bulk;

UH03A/Wind + water resistant hat made from hyperlight ripstop, crushable foam brim;

MS07A/Moisture-wicking stretch nylon short with light compression + tons of pocketing;

UH01A/Hyperlight, fast drying low-profile run cap, crushable foam brim;

UH02A/Lightweight, classic fitting performance cap with DWR, UPF 50 + panel zip pocket;

MS06A/ WS05A/Multi-pocketed trail short with perforated venting + built-in brief liner;

MT08A/ MT09A/ WT10A/ WT09A/Lightweight, abrasion resistant tech top with perforated venting;

MS08A/ WS02A/lightweight, linerless short with stretch + DWR finish;

MM01A/ WM01A/Versatile midlayer for all season comfort + lightweight warmth;

WU02A/lightweight, moisture-wicking support that duals as a standalone crop top;

WU01A/lightweight, moisture-wicking support;

WS06A/bike short style with moisture-wicking comfort + durable support;

WP04A/all season, moisture-wicking stretch knit with durable support;

WO06A/ MO06A/ultralight, ultra-deployable windbreaker;

WP02A/ WS03A/all season, moisture-wicking stretch knit with durable support;

WP05A/warmth without bulk and reflectivity for visibility in low light;

WB01A/moisture-wicking bra with medium support + removable inserts;

MT05A/ WT05A/ 31414/hyperlight, fast drying technical top;

MT06A/ MT07A/ WT07A/WT06A/WT08A/odor-resistant + thermoregulating top for daily active wear;

MS01A/ WS01A/ MS03A/ MS05A/hyperlight, fast drying short with a moisture-wicking brief liner;

MS04A/ WS04A/ 21501/hyperlight, fast drying short with a moisture-wicking liner;

MO02A/ WO02A/ 21427/ 11427/lightweight, weather resistant mid-layer with DWR finish;

MS02A/ WS02A/lightweight, linerless short with stretch, fast-drying comfort;

MP02B/MP02A/cold weather tight with durable support + serious pocketing;

UP01A/UP01B/versatile, cozy jogger with moisture-wicking comfort;

11502/ MP01B/MP01A/WP01A/lightweight, versatile all-weather pant, wind + rain resistant;

UA02A/lightweight, unlined hat with stretch + DWR finish;

UA07A/ UG01A/stretch fleece glove with a stowable weather resistant mitten, hi-vis reflectivity;

UA01A/extra breathable, low-profile hat with a crushable foam bill;

WT03A/WT01A/MT01A/21508/11515/11508/11415/21307/21308/all natural, odor-resistant active top with an ultra-soft feel;

31416/31516/comfy, midweight pullover with a plush cotton face;

11513/21513/MO01A/WO01A/Wind + waterproof jacket with 360° panel venting for unparalleled breathability;

31518/simple, durable knit beanie for cold weather pursuits;

21517/11527/hybrid mid-layer with a moisture-wicking knit body + DWR panels;

11308/extra breathable, moisture-wicking, + lightweight tech top;

21327/11327/moisture-wicking, performance mid-layer with a breathable back panel;

21317/11317/moisture-wicking, performance hoodie for lightweight warmth;

11425/full coverage crop top with an internal shelf bra;

31530/UA03A/UB01A/technical running sling bag with 2 liter volume + versatile styling;

UA12B/lightweight, moisture-wicking, all season neck gaiter;

UW01A/32oz Nalgene with a narrow neck for easy sipping;

20053/20054/20083/lightweight, no show Enduro running sock created exclusively for Janji;

20053/20054/20084/lightweight, crew Enduro running sock created exclusively for Janji;

MO05A/WO05A/super soft, moisture-wicking cold weather performance mid-layer;

MP03A/WP03A/super soft, moisture-wicking cold weather performance pant;

MO04A/WO04A/performance fleece for lightweight warmth + elemental protection;

MT04A/WT04A/thermoregulating, moisture dispersing technical base layer with odor resistance;

UA06A/thermoregulating + odor resistant headband that excels at wicking moisture;

UA08A/thermoregulating + odor resistant neck cover that excels at wicking moisture;

UO02A/versatile, cozy hoodie with moisture-wicking comfort;

GIFTCARD/The choice is all theirs, and they never expire;