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Janji Field Team

Introducing the 2023 Janji Field Team

The Janji Field Team is made up of creative, talented multi-hyphenates — they are artists, writers, environmental and wellness advocates, cultural ambassadors, educators, a chef, an indigenous archeologist, Olympians, and much more. These incredible athletes use running as a platform to explore, connect, and cultivate change. We’re proud to support these team members on their individual journeys, and we’re grateful for their guidance as they help us run towards a better future.


Ultra runner + visual artist

Andrew Catanese (they/them) is an ultra mountain runner and multidisciplinary visual artist currently based out of the Bay Area. They love finding ways to connect with the environment through running. These connections inspire their artwork, which features lush, interconnected scenes of plants, animals, and people.


Trail runner + Indigenous archaeologist

Ashleigh Thompson (she/hers) is a member of the Red Lake Ojibwe and a PhD Candidate in anthropology at the University of Arizona. She believes being outside is paramount to healing and happiness, which she promotes through her writing and work. Find Ashleigh trail running among saguaros or climbing Mt Lemmon granite in Tucson, Arizona.

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Health Educator + Poet + Marathoner

Cal (they/he) is a lifelong runner, health educator, poet, and sports inclusivity activist. They are transmasculine and have not always found their place in athletics, so they have mobilized to advocate for a running community that celebrates all runners. This summer, Cal became the first non-binary winner of Bay to Breakers and the San Francisco Marathon. Up next? More time outside, more miles, and more sports representation beyond the binary.

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Ultra runner + advocate

Dillon Quitugua is an avid ultra runner and former Peace Corps volunteer. Dillon is the Cofounder of a community called Tribe Collective, which empowers and advocates for Asian Pacific Islanders to get out on the trails. He aims to be the first Chamorro to climb Mt. Everest.

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Marathoner + Advocate for the Blind and Visually Impaired Community

Eavan O’Neill is a marathoner, fundraiser and advocate for the blind and visually impaired community. Eavan was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease, a rare disease that causes blindness over time, when she was a senior in college. She uses running as a tool to build inner strength, bring awareness to the spectrum of blindness, and create community through positivity and empowerment.

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Olympian + educator

Justine Fedronic is an artist, STEM and design thinking educator, and former Olympic track athlete. After 15 years of competitive running she is on a journey to adapt her relationship with movement as a tool for mental health and connection to earth and community. Her perspectives are influenced by her immigration experience and her diverse cultural upbringing—her family is French-Caribbean and Hungarian. She strongly believes in the power of biophilia, artistic expression, movement, and play to heal and empower.


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